Beauty Capsule: Fall Edition

I was trying to argue my case… but he was staring at my teeth

I will never forget the horror I experienced when I realized my new boss was not listening to me… he was staring at my teeth.

There are few moments in life that leave a mark on us. But none are as sensitive as public embarrassment at your workplace…

When your work is at stake – it’s just too close to home. After all, if you can’t earn enough for rent and bills you’re doomed.

Especially in NYC.

To be honest I have heard my colleagues mention my teeth behind my back… It hurts like hell and feels really unfair.

I have been working my ass of since I was 16. Always helping my mom around the house and with the bills. I was lucky enough to go college but braces… well… that was something way out of budget.

I could afford them now but… I’m 42 and who wants to wear braces at my age? Just when I thought that I will forever have to cover my mouth (or avoid smiling altogether) I found an answer…

A Modern (Invisible) Solution

1)  I wasn’t the only kid in my neighborhood with crooked teeth. I had a friend – Julia. And like me, her parents couldn’t afford braces.

2)  I recently met her for our 20th High school reunion and nearly didn’t recognize her. She looked stunning.

3)  There she was… in a red, perfectly-fitting dress, slim, with good hair and above all… 2 rows of pearly white teeth. Frankly, I was jealous. Sho looked so good – Hollywood actress good.

4)  Yet… I couldn’t understand it. Last time I saw her was six months ago…

How did she do it all?

1)  Her transformation was mind boggling. I just couldn’t figure it out.

2)  Trying not to be pushy I carefully approached the topic…

3)  “Julia you look so good”.

4)  That did it… She knew exactly what I was hinting at.

5)  “Oh these” (pointing at her teeth) yeah I got braces and about six months ago…

6)  That took me by surprise.

7)  I thought she was kidding me but she must have read my mind. Julia pulled out a little box from her purse and showed it to me…

8)  “Look – those are my braces” I don’t have to wear them all day. And when I do – you can’t even see them. They are pretty cool.

9)  The dentist scanned my teeth and a few weeks later I received these little trays. Each one is good for a week. I think they 3D print them to work just for your teeth – that’s why they are so quick.

“I’m a completely different person. I feel so much more confident and I’m so happy I did it. It feels good.”

That was it for me – I was sold. I instantly knew…

This was the solution I’ve been looking for

I called my dentist (Agnes from – My Smiles NYC) the next morning to go in for an appointment to see if I could get them and what it would take.

I had my scans done the same day. And best of all I wasn’t even out of pocket. It cost me like $158 per month and I’ll be done paying in a few years.

I’ve had these invisible braces for 35 weeks now and the results are impressive.

I can show you what my teeth look like week by week.

Week 1 Just starting out (I’m a little nervous)

Week 4 – Seeing progress already

By the way this is me with the braces ON… You really can’t tell can you?

Week 12 – Maybe it’s me but the process is speeding up now.

Week 20 – I love it – I can already imagine what my teeth will look like when done.

I feel really confident and really good about the treatment process this far.

Week 35 – My confidence is sky high. I feel like I could fly.

Agnes the dentist says that I will still have to keep wearing retainers for a while but no longer than a year.

And when that’s done then… I’m done. Can’t tell you how happy I feel.

Here’s How You Can Get Them

Step 1 – Click on the blue button below and leave your phone number.

Step 2 – Wait for a call (usually just 8 seconds) and ask about the invisible braces.

That’s it. Any questions you may have will be answered right there. It costs you nothing to enquire and there’s no commitment to buy. You have nothing to lose.



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