Rich Vibrant Hair!

I’m a firm believer in taking gooood care of my hair. It’s fine and will break easily if I give it any reason too.

For that reason I try to only color the whole head of hair about once a year (the roots about once a month) because I wait so long between coloring sessions it can fade and look dull after a few months. Which is why I got pretty excited when I found a healthy option for revitalizing my color!


Here’s how it works! You after using the Apple Cider Rinse (which is a not hair stripping wash!) you go in with a handful of  dpHUE Color Boosting gloss in the color you want to bring out in your locks. I used the Dark Brown/ Black  (cause I like it dark OK?:) on the top half of my hair and the Brown near the ends, just for a suuuper subtle ombre. Then I left it on for about 10 minutes (anywhere between 3-20 is good depending on the intensity you want) Then rinse and you’re done!

To be honest I was pretty skeptical that I would actually notice a difference but I was pleasantly surprised. I noticed a big boost in my shine and loved how rich and vibrant it made my color!


They have a bunch of colors to choose from, including red which is HUGE cause I know how fast that red can fade and blue shampoo for those icy blondes!


*this post was in collaboration with dpHue<3

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